Llamas and a quest for the perfect selfie

When I think back on my interaction with arguebly the cutest animal on earth -if you don’t get spat at- I think of the warm and fuzzy feeling I experienced.

As you may already know, I, along with Oli and Kate, traveled to Peru as part of a packaged tour with G Adventures. From the moment we booked our trip we were adamant on meeting these fluffy creatures and taking the perfect selfie – the internet would not be prepared for this selfie!

…And so our quest began…

We’d seen some llamas from afar on a 7hr bus ride from Puno to Cusco, but it wasn’t until we arrived in Sacred Valley that things really got exciting. We were taken to a women’s weaving co op in the beautiful village of Ccaccaccollo, and at arrival were given food to feed the alpacas and llamas. As you can imagine, I couldn’t quite handle the excitement (I had waited months for this moment), and began shoving leaves in the face of every animal in sight. It wasn’t until one aggressively flared its nostrils and threatened to spit at me that I realised it was time to back off. Luckily, our presentation was about to begin.

Posing alpaca

Traditionally dressed local women showed us, step by step, how they naturally wash and dye all the alpaca wool. It was intriguing to see how they don’t need to rely on chemicals to get the very best results.

Doesn’t she look fab in her traditional attire?
Each ingredient, when boiled, permanently dyes the wool a different colour

Once the presentation was over I was eager to get back to spending time with the alpacas and llamas, and that’s exactly what I did. Admittedly, I still can’t tell between the two animals, even after being told repeatedly by our guide (I’ve googled it too).

Caught slippin’

So did I get my perfect selfie? No. Do I care? Not anymore.

You see, at first, I was so focused on looking picture perfect (with no double chin on show), that I was losing sight of where I was. I didn’t need to outshine a llama – Let’s face it, nobody can outshine a llama! And so I let myself enjoy the moment and treasure the experience. I have photos… just not that perfect photo, but you know what, I will always cherish that moment – selfie or no selfie.

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