Bembos – Best Burger in the World!

You’ve just gotten back from the 4 day Inca Trail trek. You’re hungry and you’re thinking ability seems to be impaired. A delicious Peruvian meal would give you the perfect boost of energy but McDonalds seems to be on every corner, and you’re growing desperate by the second. Well, DO NOT fall for the tourist trap! I repeat, DO NOT fall for the tourist trap!

The Peruvian alternative and, in my opinion, the better alternative is Bembos. Just as naughty but juicier, tastier and bigger!

To put into perspective how big these burgers are, I was judged by a full grown man for finishing mine – granted, I did go for a limited edition double Kobe beef burger! Yes, these burgers are big and juicy and messy and totally worth trying if you happen to be in Peru. It’s a fast-food chain but well above the infamous McDonald’s or Burger King.

I have to admit, anything would have tasted luxurious after the Inca Trail, but I do remember this as the best fast food burger I have ever tasted. But don’t just take my word for it!


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