A Day in Luxembourg City

Luxembourg always sounded majestic to me, almost like a fairyland, and yet despite this it was never really on my to do list.

Then one bar ridden Friday night in Kings Cross, out of nowhere, my friends and I decided we absolutely needed to jump on a train to Paris that very same night. Except we quickly realised our pockets didn’t quite agree. So with Rita Ora’s ‘Take Me Anywhere’ stuck in our heads, we resorted to Skyscanner for the cheapest flights to…well… anywhere.

Luxembourg was right at the top, with early morning flights only costing £70. And so that’s how it happened. That’s how Luxembourg appeared on my travel checklist.

Once in Luxembourg City, it was super easy getting to the city centre from the airport. One fairly short (and for some reason free) bus ride and we were where we needed to be.

The pretty buildings and clean streets make for a very pleasant stroll around the city. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants to keep your belly happy, although I still don’t quite know what Luxembourgish food looks like. The city also has a lot of royal history, with many castles and palaces to show for this; and this is probably the thing that actually calls people to this tiny country.

But what did I think?

If I’m brutally honest I wouldn’t spend any more than a day in Luxembourg City. Unless you’ve set out to visit every museum imaginable, there just isn’t enough to do that makes staying more than a day worth it. Not 1 night. 1 DAY. I’m quite satisfied with the amount of time I spent there and genuinely enjoyed it, but perhaps this place is more for the true lovers of European history.

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