Alpaca Walking in the South of England

If there’s something I’ve realised this past year, it’s that I share a love for alpacas with quite a few friends (find out how my love for these creatures started here), and with one too many passionate conversations, it was only fitting I put my money where my mouth is.

A 2 hour drive from London takes you to Funtington, a village in the West Sussex county. The winding country roads eventually lead you to Dunreyth Alpacas, a small farm where Bruce and Peta greet you alongside their curious but docile alpacas. And if you’re early enough you’ll have some time to become fully acquainted with the whole ‘crew’, sassy llama included.

After a short health and safety briefing you’re presented with your very own alpaca on a leash. Mine was named Inca.

The 45min-1hour walk consists of leading your alpaca through the woods to a viewing point, where you’ll then feed your new best friend. You’re guaranteed to feel all warm and fuzzy the moment those rubbery lips start munching away at your hand. This is also the perfect time to take all the selfies your heart desires, all whilst stopping Alpacas giving each other the evil eye (resulting in fewer spitting incidents).

On the way back you’ll notice your alpaca pick up the pace. Sometimes it feels like you’re having to jog just to keep up… and then you start questioning why you’re alpaca is so excited to get back home…. ‘I thought you loved me!’

The experience is worth the £20. It’s a good amount of time so you don’t feel like you’re being rushed, but also don’t end up spending an embarrassing amount of time feeling up farm animals (not possible, I know).

So, alpaca walking in the countryside? It’s a yes from me.

FYI, I’ve done this twice!

Fluffy Alpacas before shearing
A close up of an alpaca… Not as artistic as I intended it to be
2 happy campers
…and 1 very happy camper…

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