I woke up like this

I know I’m winning at life if I’m able to cleanse my face before going to bed. On the contrary, if I wake up confused at the crack of dawn with no real idea of what time it is, then I know things aren’t going well. And if I’m still in my ‘going out’ clothes, then things REALLY aren’t going well. This happened last night (surprise, surprise). I rushed to the bathroom to brush my teeth and put my retainers in (the struggle is real), when I look up at the mirror and am confronted with my make up staring back at me just as I had left it, but oilier, much, much, oilier (emphasis on the oily). I have to say, I was impressed my lipstick was still in tact, but oh how I’ve failed at living. This can’t be a good start to the week. Hey ho, at least I have something to write about.


The Girl Who Always Got Lost

A couple of evenings ago I was dragged to an exhibition (I secretly wanted to go) about maps. I’m not a map enthusiast, and after many hours of looking at maps, I’ve discovered I never will be, but I found myself being inspired by the stories behind some of the exhibits.The first that caught my attention was the story of Phyllis Pearsall who in 1935 became lost on her way to a party, despite having a map on her. Ironically, it was her father who had founded what at that time was the country’s leading map company, but she became so frustrated with the situation she kept finding herself in (pun intended), that she decided to take matters into her own hands. Pearsall walked over 3,000 miles and checked the names of over 23,000 streets, determined never to get lost again. Using all the information she had gathered, she eventually founded her own company. It started off slow but eventually came to be the country’s leading map company and created what we now know as the London A-Z.

Isn’t that inspiring? She quite literally had to take things into her own hands (or feet?) in order to make change, the change that she wanted to see happen. Life is showing me that if I take matters into my own hands, I can create the future I want! With patience and determination I can create change!

Also, apparently there was a musical about her… How did I not know about this?

Anyway, there were plenty of other gems but I’ll leave those for another post.