White Flag

I have not yet waved my white flag.

I feel exhaustion and I feel defeat, I am tired of fighting and my body cannot take much more.

But I have not yet waved that white flag.

My head pounds, each thud becomes louder as it drowns out my muddled thoughts. I close my eyes in hopes of finding peace in every breath I take, but it hurts to breathe. 

And the white flag has not yet been waved.

My lips quiver as I fight to hold back the tears, the first escapes and with that a flood more, harsh and unstoppable. I clench my jaw in hopes that the silence will bring some clarity, but my cry escapes without much of a fight.

And that white flag remains un waved 

I caress my fragile face with the warm tissue that is my hand and remind myself why I am still here, why, although defeat stares me blankly in the face, I have not yet waved my white flag.